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Find out what projects are being run across Abacus NW Maths Hub

To see all the CPD projects on offer in 2024-25, download this catalogue. Email hello@abacusnwmathshub to have a physical copy of the catalogue posted to you.

Schools and teachers within our hub area can choose from several types of project. Each project has a focus on collaborative, evidence-based professional development. They all offer schools and teachers in all phases the chance to engage in CPD with colleagues from other schools over an extended period and are led by a locally-based expert.

When you take part in a project with your Maths Hub, you will engage in one of three types of professional development activity - a programme, a community or a Work Group. All of these are structured to enable teachers to take part flexibly online and face-to-face.

Click on the below options to check out the CPD projects available for the phase in which you teach.

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