Find out what projects are being run across Abacus NW Maths Hub

Schools and teachers within our hub area can choose from several types of project. Each project has a focus on collaborative, evidence-based professional development. They all offer schools and teachers in all phases the chance to engage in CPD with colleagues from other schools over an extended period and are led by a locally-based expert.

Each Maths Hub puts together its own mixture of projects to run locally. By signing up to one of our projects, in most cases participants will attend what we call 'Work Groups' with gap tasks to work on in between.

What is a Work Group?

The Work Group is the model of professional development used in most Maths Hubs projects. Implicit in the Work Group's timeline is the space and opportunity for participant teachers to influence and lead change in their own schools and departments.

The below video sums up the Work Group model in just over a minute.

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