Primary Projects

Secondary Projects 2020/21

Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Groups

Lead: Kate Milnes, Susan Bennett, Janet Wilkinson

Joining this Work Group will support you and your department to develop a teaching for mastery approach in your school through collaborative professional development and bespoke support from a Mastery Specialist. Two teachers (‘Mastery Advocates’) from each of a small group of schools or colleges, meet half termly. Together they develop classroom and departmental approaches consistent with teaching for mastery. The Mastery Specialist leads the process and gives bespoke support to each school or college.

Mathematical Thinking for GCSE

Lead: Nick Mulligan, Jamie Cross

Teachers keen to address the reasoning and problem-solving challenges of the mathematics curriculum and its assessment in the new GCSE are encouraged to take part in this project. Groups of schools will explore professional development activities focusing on practical and accessible classroom-based approaches. The activities themselves also offer a model for wider departmental engagement.

Year 5 to Year 8 Continuity

Lead: Gareth Evans

This project enables primary and secondary teachers to work together on a particular aspect of mathematics and focuses on valuing and building upon pupil's KS2 experiences, with the intention that both phases gain a better understanding of progression.

Challenging Topics at GCSE

Lead: Nick Mulligan

Participants who join this Work Group will address specific issues that their pupils have at GCSE and explore the pedagogy around their topics, hoping to deepen pupil understanding at the root of the issue. Groups of schools will focus on the development of a topic from KS3 through to KS4 and these will be shared with Maths Hubs across the country to further strengthen the aim of the Work Group.

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