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Develop mathematical subject knowledge and understand the pedagogy that underpins the teaching of it

Who can take part?


Phase 1 in this project is for those identified as Early Career Teachers – teachers in their first or second year of teaching. Phase 2 is for those in the early part of their careers. They will have engaged with Phase 1 before engaging with this phase.

What is involved?


Two maths-specific subject knowledge projects are available to support secondary Early Career Teachers (ECTs) – one is for ECTs who have not yet participated in this project and one is for those who participated in 2022/23. Both projects offer high-quality subject knowledge and pedagogy maths support for ECTs, recognising the requirements of the ECF.

The programme will build on the knowledge gained during initial teacher training. This will be achieved by focusing on one area of maths in detail: multiplicative reasoning for participants in Phase 1, and sequences and graphical representations for participants in Phase 2.


What will you learn?


  • Your students will reason with increasing confidence in response to effective questioning within the classroom

  • You will consider task and lesson design, with your students’ needs in mind

  • You will notice aspects of teaching for mastery within a given task or lesson, and be able to articulate their purpose


When and where?


Workshop 1: 09/11/2023, 1-3pm, Penwortham Girls' High School (PR1 0SR)

Workshop 2: 13/12/2023, 9am-3.30pm, Penwortham Girls' High School (PR1 0SR)

Workshop 3: 01/02/2024, 1-3.30pm, Penwortham Girls' High School (PR1 0SR)

Workshop 4: 07/03/2024, 1-3.30pm, Penwortham Girls' High School (PR1 0SR)

Workshop 5: 03/07/2024, 9am-12.30pm, Penwortham Girls' High School (PR1 0SR)

What is the cost?


The SKTM Secondary Early Career Teachers Programme project is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.

Have a look at this feature to learn more about the resources available to early career teachers on the NCETM website.

What should you do next?

This programme is now full for 2023/24. Contact the hub to express interest in the 2024/25 cohort.

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