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Intensive Support in Mathematics

Bespoke support for leaders to develop their understanding of effectively implementing change

Who can take part?

Schools may be referred to their local Maths Hub for intensive support if they do not currently have the capacity to engage with the standard Teaching for Mastery Programme (with or without enhanced support).

To ensure a positive impact on their teaching and learning in maths, schools need to be committed to making long-term improvements in maths, and to work closely with their local Maths Hub over a number of years. This includes a commitment to joining a Teaching for Mastery Programme in future years.

What is involved?

Schools taking part will benefit from the intensive, sustained support of a Maths Hub Intensive Support Partner (ISP). The ISP will work in partnership with leaders to build capacity within the school which fosters a supportive culture and good foundations for implementing improvements in the teaching and learning of maths. This is achieved through the ISP and the school working in partnership to explore, plan, deliver and sustain the implementation of a bespoke improvement plan.

Fully funded support provides school participants with release time to develop and deliver the improvement work designed to fit their context.


By working in partnership, school leaders will:

  • construct a mutually agreed short- and medium-term implementation plan for maths

  • be supported to implement and sustain change in a focused area linked to an initial bespoke implementation cycle

  • feel confident to identify and implement priorities in maths in their school by using an effective cycle of implementation

  • continue to work with their local Maths Hub through engaging with a Teaching for Mastery Programme (with or without enhanced support).

What is the cost?

Intensive Support in Mathematics is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme, so is free to schools who are suitable for referral and able to make the required commitment. 

What should you do next?

Contact the hub to find out more.

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