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Primary Mastery Specialists

Information about the Primary Mastery Specialist Programme

The Primary Mastery Specialist Programme is for primary teachers with a passion for maths. In the first year of the programme, three residentials – one in each term – provide an opportunity to develop understanding the Five Big Ideas of teaching for mastery in depth and to focus on the specialist subject knowledge required to design lessons that unfold the maths for all children.

Between residentials, as a classroom teacher, specialists will be able to apply their learning to the context of their own classroom and school, reflecting with others what the impact of learning has been on pupils.

Participants should be experienced primary practitioners with the capacity to lead change in their own schools, and to develop as leaders of professional development in other schools. They must be working in a school in England. Their headteachers commit to supporting them and to developing teaching for mastery in their schools.

Want to know more? Listen to a Mastery Specialist discuss her work in this podcast. Read more about Work Groups led by Mastery Specialists. And this short video from 2017/18 tells you more about how Mastery Specialists are trained and what their role involves:

What should you do next?

The application window for the 2024/25 Primary Mastery Specialists Cohort 10 Programme has now closed. Contact the Maths Hub to be added to the waiting list for the next cohort.

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